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Graphic: BioPharma Dive 2023 Industry Report

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AI, ML, and a New Epoch for Clinical Trials

Biopharma organizations are exploring artificial intelligence across multiple use cases: patient identification, data analysis, regulatory submissions, and beyond. Along the way, they’re seeing both short- and long-term success; some changes are fast, and others are slow. This white paper for BioPharma Dive explores what’s new.

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Worldwide Clinical Trials

Designing Trial Protocols for Psychedelics

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Improving Trial Pipelines With Prescreening

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Should You Worry About ECG Cybersecurity?

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The COVID-19 Vaccines and Breastfeeding

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The Role of MSCs in Regenerative Medicine

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Saluting the Unseen: COVID-19 Lab Workers

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A Call of COVID-19: Returning to Medicine to Help

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3D Organoids for Personalized Cancer Therapy

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How AI-Powered Imaging Benefits Rural Patients

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At-Home Genetic Testing Kits: What You Need to Know

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Working Toward a Malaria-Free World

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Opioid Marketing Linked to Opioid Overdose Deaths

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Heart Monitoring When Every Second Counts

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Life as an Infectious Disease Doctor


Getting Critical Medication to a Child in Need


How Millennial Physicians Prefer to Learn


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Improving Patient Adherence, One Step at a Time

white papers

scientists peering into a microscope

Using AI for Rare Disease Commercial Plans

text that reads: Survey Report, A Pivotal Point for Drug<br />
Discount Management:<br />
Top Trends Worrying Pharma Leaders— and How the Next Transformation Could Change Everything


Drug Discount Trends: 2023 Survey Report

Graphic: BioPharma Dive 2023 Industry Report

BioPharma Dive

AI, ML, and a New Epoch for Clinical Trials

A daughter hugs her mother in a healthcare setting.

Fierce Healthcare

Health Plan Platforms: Build or Buy?


Managing Pharma Talent for a Virtual Era

Moss Adams

2022 Health Care Forecast & Industry Report

BioPharma Dive

Industry Report: The State of DEI in Clinical Trials

Healthcare Dive

Overcoming HIPAA’s Tensions: Access & Security


An Employer’s Path to Mental Health Resilience


Launching Patient Support for a Novel Therapy


Life Science Cleanrooms: A Planning Guide

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Selling Digital Health Amid COVID-19


The Future of Emerging Biotechs


2021 Employee Benefit Trends Report


Understanding The Dynamic Clinical Trial

BioPharma Dive

Improving Visibility for Vaccine Trials


Launching a New Therapy in a Crowded Market


Medicare 101: Your Essential Guide to Getting Started


Knowing When It’s Time to Switch Your CRO

article by bana jobe ge healthcare rtls

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How to Optimize Healthcare Asset Utilization

Infographic Copy

GE Healthcare

Understanding Contrast Mammography


Time to Shine: The Growing LTC Industry

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Tips for Lab Safety During Covid-19


How to Apply Sunscreen—The Right Way


The Pharma Supply Chain: 5 Trends to Know

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Inside the Lab: What is Cellular Motility?


3 Reasons to Run More ADME Testing Earlier


How to Repair a Damaged Skin Barrier

Webinar & Video Scripts

MedTech Dive

MedTech Market Outlook & Strategy Recommendations

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Scaling Cell Cultures With HYPERFlask Technology

BioPharma Dive

Trends in eCOA Data Reporting for Clinical Trials

Corning Life Sciences

Lab Safety Best Practices When Operating During COVID-19

Healthcare Dive

Improving Plan Enrollment With Digital Experience

 BioPharma Dive

The Role of Digital Health in Immuno-Oncology Therapies

Annual Report Copywriting

Baylor Transplant

BSWH Annual Report: Connected for Life

Boston Medical Center

BMC Annual Report:  Alumni Profile

Baylor Research

BRI Annual Report: Research to Real Life

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